Tip-Wood Floor Installation Tips – Changing Ceramic With Wood Parquet

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There is the quickest way to replace the old floor appearance, ie cover the old flooring with new-floor. Under this technique !! Storey house which carry heavy loads (heavy duty) because it becomes part of the house that most interacts with the activity of its inhabitants. All objects contained thereon, either immobile like a cupboard, sofa, or even on the move like humans, giving a load on the floor. Heavy duty is what ultimately makes the floor so fast parts of the house most fragile.

Tips pemasangan lantai kayu

If you are already getting old ceramics, Rengat, dull, or you may already bored, just replace with wood parquet flooring. Really fast, just simply stacked with wooden floors. The important thing to note is to make sure the old tile is still attached firmly. When will be stacked to be the installation of parquet wood flooring, ceramic tableware problem, popping should be addressed first.

Real wood parquet pretty much preferred for making the house comfortable, warm, and luxurious. Wood floors can be installed directly over the old tile with assembly times faster than ceramic. If the price is expensive is not an issue, surely the use of parquet wood flooring which is a bit pricey worthy of consideration.

In general, all the house fit to wear the parquet floor, in addition to the toilet and kitchen area, characterized by moist. For the selection of color shades and patterns of fiber, should be returned to the owners taste, style room, and also shades that would be created. In general, for the house style is more simple and modern can wear dark wood flooring with a simple motif. As it versa, for the room would be made more cheerful, for example baby room, might utilize a light complexion and youthful color.

How installation of parquet wood flooring with ceramic covering didasarnya
Remove the loose ceramic or popping.
Make sure flat floor surface, if necessary plaster earnest back in order not bumpy anymore.
Use special adhesive material for installing PE foam in a ceramic that has been flat.
At the meeting place with a parquet floor under the door or with other types of flooring should be limiting.
Install the parquet wood from which the most visible corner of the room, so that the parquet does not appear truncated.
Tongue and niche glued and glued, sealed wood parquet with HDF plate gently tapped. Check more on haciendadellagoaustin

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Foreigners Think Wastra Nusantara as Masterpieces

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The beauty of the archipelago wastra ancestral heritage with deep philosophy does have its own charm, not only for the people of Indonesia, but also foreigners.

Penchant for fashion lovers to charm wastra foreign country, such as batik and weaving, which is rich in color and texture.

“For foreigners, batik and woven not only a product but a masterpiece fashion and art with strong values,” said Ella V. Brizadly, Founder and Owner, indigenous, label bags and shoes wastra combination of classic and premium leather.

Some customers natives, said Ella, often bought the collection to be used as souvenirs.

“When you look at and buy, they asked what material. Then, once told of a traditional Indonesian fabric. I explain what it is batik, weaving what it is, what it songket. They highly appreciate the culture of Indonesia, “he explained.

Later, Ella told of customers who come from Indonesia and into one of international boutiques. Then, one of the employees in the store asking, bag he wore it on the label what?

According to Ella, they praised the indigenous collection bags for the style, material, and style rancangnya very nice.

“It’s good to be able to introduce Indonesian culture, for our own people and foreign people in different countries,” he concluded. Are you want to go out, come to mukena sutra paris before please!

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Want Rintis Enterprises? Try Some of These Ways To Collect Capital –

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Normally Jakarta, the biggest obstacle is often a problem for the pioneering business is capital. No doubt the passage of a business depends on capital invested by entrepreneurs or investors.

Ingin Rintis Usaha? Coba Beberapa Cara ini Untuk Mengumpulkan Modal

Therefore in order to own business can run smoothly without cost constraints, here are 7 ways to easily obtain venture capital. Listened to ya!

1. Peer to Peer Lending
Peer to peer lending is a service provider that brings together lenders (investors) with the loan seekers (Start-up). Peer to Peer Lending So this way for a business to reach a loan from investors.

This usually takes the form of a website, where today want to ask for a loan you can write qualifications, ranging from the amount of capital needed to the type of business that will run through the website. Afterwards provider of peer to peer lending service will match the best investor in accordance with qualifications.

But you did not necessarily get a loan, before the service provider must offer you first profile to investors. If investors are interested, then they give the loan. When capital has been sent is not how long you can immediately disburse their loans.

2. Owe With People Close
Another alternative is to borrow capital to avail loan from the people around. Such as family, relatives, colleagues and close friends. Borrowing money with them, usually no time limit to return. But in order to maintain a fixed relationship goes well, you should immediately replace ya!

3. Business Loan to Banks
This method is quite mainstream, ie borrow money to the Bank. Bank loans there are 2 kinds, namely guaranteed loans and credit loans without collateral (KTA). Loans with collateral, which means you have to give guarantees to the bank when you want to borrow money, such as land titles. While KTA, are unsecured cash loans, which generally have interest on the mortgage. So be careful when choosing the mortgage yes.

4. Sell Valuable Asset
Actually, the most powerful way and safe to obtain capital is by selling valuable assets you have. For example motorcycles, jewelry, land and others. By selling valuable assets you do not need to bother to pay the debt borrowed from investors or colleagues. And if it turns out yourselves forward, you can buy a new one.

5. Asset Securities Gadaikan You Have
If you feel heavy when to sell valuable assets such as jewelry or land, then you can choose an alternative by way of pawn to a lien. After pawning your precious, you will get some money from the pawn.

So, while running a business, you pawn items will remain safely tucked away waiting to be redeemed. But if it turns out you can not redeem the item, inevitably you must be willing to let go.

6. Invite Friends Become a Business Partner
When the new building the business, you can also invite friends to become a business partner. In choosing a single friend, you must select their best. For example, a friend who has a qualified and responsible business capabilities. Or most importantly, he has a substantial capital for your business. This figure is apt to be invited to cooperate and invest in the business.

7. Following Business Training
Business training, turns addition to increasing knowledge, also provides information on getting access to capital. So if you are diligent in college training business world, should be continued until now yes.

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Interesting Facts of success Leicester Wins Premier League

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Leicester City enthrone themselves as the new champions of the Premier League. Some interesting facts to accompany the success of The Foxes, Leicester nickname, being the best of the season.

Certainty of title is obtained after Tottenham Hotspur Leicester as its main competitors could only draw 2-2 at home to Chelsea on Monday (02/05/2016) early morning or Tuesday.

With a collection of 70 points, Tottenham is already no longer possible to pursue deficit Leicester seven points with two games remaining.

Leicester won 2013/14 Championship. Leeds United (1991/92) were last champions to Become the top flight two years after winning 2nd tier. @LCFC

– Gracenote Live (@GracenoteLive) May 2, 2016
@MisterChipping Twitter account and then collected a number of interesting facts related to the success of The Foxes won the Premier League this season.

The last time there was a team that first lifted the championship trophy is Nottingham Forest in 1977-1978. When the Premier League competition top caste still called Division I.

To become a champion in the highest caste, Leicester need to compete for 48 seasons. The waiting period is the longest in the history of English club.

Previously, the club experienced the longest wait for the first time won the English League is Derby County. When for the first time to become champion in 1971-1972, Derby took 46 years to compete at the top caste.

The interesting fact was also felt by a number of players pillars of Leicester. Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel could eventually follow the footsteps of his biological father, the legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, to become Premier League champions.

Kasper-Peter Schmeichel into two child-parent pairs who can lift the Premier League trophy. Previously, there was Ian Wright (Arsenal) and Shaun Wright-Phillips (Chelsea) who felt it. Differences with Schmeichel, relationship Wright and Wright-Phillips was the stepfather.

Peter & Kasper Schmeichel, Father & Son second pair to win the Premier League after Ian Wright and Shaun Wright-Phillips. pic.twitter.com/8LF28xW4Bt

– MisterChip (English) (@MisterChiping) May 2, 2016
Gold records also recorded Riyad Mahrez and Wes Morgan. Both became the first player from Algeria and Jamaica who can win the Premier League.

How to coach Claudio Ranieri? By age 64, he became the oldest coach to lift the Premier League trophy for the first time. So, I suggest you to going on Web seputar olahraga

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Culture Ethnicity Bugis

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Bugis Bugis ~ a tribe originating from South Sulawesi. According to the 2000 population census, the number of Boogies about 6 million residents spread across Indonesia such lie within the region of Southeast Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Papua, Jakarta, Timu Kalimantan and South Kalimantan. Well, on this occasion Zone Students will present an explanation of the Culture of Ethnic Groups Bugis which includes a system of trust, kinship, politics, economics, art, and custom clothing. May be useful. Check this out !!!

Kebudayaan Suku Bangsa Bugis | www.zonasiswa.com

A. System Belief / Religion

Bugis society many live in Maros, South Sulawesi. They are devout follower of Islam. Bugis people also still believe in one single god that has the names as follows.
Patoto-e: god of fate determinants.
Dewata Seuwa-e: a single god.
Turie a’rana: highest whim.

Bugis community considers that cultural (traditional) is sacred. Cultural (traditional) is based on five key elements panngaderreng (customs rules are sacred and sacred), is as follows.
Ade ( ‘exist in the native language).
Wari ‘.
Sara ‘.

Kinship System B.

Ideal marriage in Makassar as follows.
Assialang Marola is a marriage between equals unity cousins ​​from both the father / mother.
Assialanna It is a marriage between second cousins ​​equals either paternal / maternal.

Marriage is prohibited child marriage with the father / mother and daughter in-law. Activities before marriage, include:
Mappuce-puce: woo girl,
Massuro: determining a wedding date,
Maddupa: invite the wedding feast.

Culture Ethnicity Bugis | www.zonasiswa.com

C. Political System

Makassar Bugis community settled mostly Maros and Pangkajene. They live in a village consisting of 10-20 houses. Village center is marked with a large banyan tree is considered sacred and is led by the village head called Matowa. Combined with the village called wanua same district.

Makassar Bugis society before the colonial Dutch are:
ana ‘sack that is a layer of the relatives of the king,
to-Maradeka the layer of free men,
ata the layer of slaves.

D. Economic System

The people’s livelihood Bugis-Makassar: agriculture, shipping, and trade. Makassar Bugis society has also inherited the commercial law. Ammana Gappa in his Ade’allopiloping Bicaranna Pabbalue written in the 17th century, mention of their trade while sailing in the islands of Indonesia. In addition they also make handicrafts such as woven gloves household.

E. Art System

Tribal house Bugis Makassar form of a stage race that consists of three sections as follows.
Kalle balla: for living, sleeping, and eating.
Pammakkang: to save the heritage.
Passiringang: to store agricultural equipment.

F. Custom Clothing

Traditional clothes of a woman Bugis Makassar is bodo clothes. Baju bodo be colored sarong maroon, blue, and green. Come to web edukasi indonesia and get more info

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The Parents and the Sea

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I imagine Claudio Ranieri and Manuel Pellegrini sat in a hut on the seafront. They play chess pieces when the afternoon was picked the night.

They already do not remember who first called or held a chessboard on the table, a wooden table that is already in tatters. The sun had nearly fallen, but the light still managed to break through under-under skies to highlight the paint on the wooden table that begins to peel.

How little ajarnya time. They used to act arbitrarily without nonnegotiable. It felt as though the game was started a minute earlier, when the weather Beach is still warmer than now. Ranieri vividly recall the gray-haired man in front of him drinking beer from a bottle repeatedly. Haus apparently, he thought. While thinking about the next step, Ranieri chuckled. He then corrected his thin-rimmed glasses and look toward the white hairs man in front of it: Which is more, ubanku or his white hair, he thought.

See the white hairs, chortled Ranieri changed. Suddenly there was bitterness tucked. He was once meant to laugh at how many gray hairs in his head that, then just turn into laughter laugh at yourself. Ranieri holds his own head; all white hair. Time is brash.

Suddenly Ranieri crowded with melancholia. The white hair, as well as his body, is intact evidence of how the time had hit him repeatedly. There are moments that passing glimpse only. While other moments live forever. Ranieri waited patiently, either since when, until he could pay the penalty for these moments.

Ranieri was an old man failed. Failed due to misfortune. Apes are close friends in the sea that raged savagely. While many old men as he was getting a big catch for the sake of a big catch, Ranieri can only be satisfied with a handful of catches almost nothing.

Once or twice, Ranieri almost get a big catch. But, somehow come out of nowhere, the fate of apes always come grab catches magnitude. The good ship often return with many pockmarks. Until finally, no more gentlemen ships that want to lend his boat. Ranieri was away in silence.

So, when he decided to go to sea again by ship far more sober, he is considered insane. However, Ranieri has been abysmal resignation. May or may not catch big this time, his life is in the raging sea. As more white hair, he was not much thought anymore.

There is no more chance to spin-spin. Ranieri understood, to pay off bad luck for the sake of apes, there is no more time to dwell think about what needs to be taken and carried out at sea later. He just has to make sure its just that the harpoon is still quite strong and the nets are still quite tight, so that it appears like a big catch in front of him again, he did not let him get away again.

Harpoons to spear firmly, pull a large net to catch it later to his ship. This is enough. Do not need anything else, this or that again as enhancements, it took only live now.

Sea that day was strange. Many big ships come home quickly. They say there are storms ahead. One or two ships have been sunk. This is a dangerous situation. Many who had given up on that day.

For an old man who has been absurdly labeled a failure, what else is left? Even if the storm also made shipwrecked, yes, please. If storms kill all apesnya life, happens. Otherwise … He hung up on harpunnya thin, hopefully the ships pass up a big catch that still roam the seas there.

Whether fortitude what is owned Ranieri, to the extent that it ultimately good fortune favors him. Perhaps a bunch of apes who accumulate it is an advance, like coins given to Charon to cross into the world of the dead. Ranieri is not yet dead, but he has already paid all the misery ahead. Whether this is true or not, but Ranieri began to believe it.

The day the sea was still raging savages. But, the ship still strong enough to hold it. Be thankful Ranieri, in his long journey to the middle of the sea, which had drained his energy and eroded older muscles in his arm, not his ship did not reverse the storm hit. When remnants of his strength left only a little, the catch came in sight. Wriggling wildly, jumping out of the water. He feels free that day, thinking there will be no big ships to come arrest him.

With a little bothered because of fatigue, Ranieri stood. He took harpunnya and held it aloft. A little more, a little more … the big catch in front of his eyes, stretched freely. For this time, for a variety of failures had ever received before, Ranieri chose to close his eyes.


The afternoon was coming to pick up dinner. Ranieri still feel tremendous fatigue on his body. His muscles were stiff not playing. Occasionally he tried straightened while patted his back with his right hand. Seletih he never felt before.

The struggle at sea a few days yesterday really exhausting and mind. But now he is at peace. When the sound of “crack” out on the effects of straightening his back, which feels is a sense of satisfaction abysmal.

In recent days, people came to see the magnitude of the catch; about 5 meters from tip of nose to tip of tail. The old man failed it was successful. He did not sell it, but distributing the meat to anyone, whether it be to those who ever doubted it before, or those who suddenly become known him.

Ranieri chose to be somewhere else when a lot of people admire his catch. His mother, who is also as old and much more frail, was what was on his mind at the time. Spent the afternoon with eating until full.

Pellegrini came when catches magnitude is up. His colleague was a time never mentioned with great hesitation, Ranieri will not be able to go to sea again and get the same amount of catches. But, pedulikah Ranieri? Sometimes just one time, and one that he can get a big catch, he felt he’d paid the full days of that disappointment.

This is not a fairy tale, he said. It is a reality. And what could be more satisfying than reality as real-nyatanya–, who beats the wildest fantasies?

Then, in the late afternoon, Ranieri and Pellegrini exchange chuckled. The fate were greeted them with two different form. Pellegrini was still smiling, though slightly bitter. Ranieri can only guess that it was waiting for a colleague berubannya departure, the departure of which certainly could without delay.

The sea was much quieter. Ranieri had no desire to go to sea again, he just wanted to sit there, silent for a moment with a small light on the porch of his hut, facing waves that recently he conquered. Perhaps he will continue like that until morning.

Pellegrini, meanwhile, did not complete the steps. He was already lazy. Pawns chess abandoned granted. He drank his beer bottle to the end and leave. That night, he intends to go to sea that night as well. The time was not much.

“It’s not my place anymore,” said Pellegrini.

Ranieri smiled. Most of the smile is saying good luck, some are in the decoration of satisfaction. He does not think, no matter how ignorant he was originally, capture the magnitude of it makes melangut so great.

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Benefits Gems

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Gemstones are beautiful with colors that sparkle when exposed to light. The stone is often used as jewelry that attract beautiful in the eye. Usually the women loved it. However, as time went on, the male was also like her.

As well as the beauty, birthstones by month gemstones also have benefits that are needed by the body. the benefits of this gemstone is important is known by everyone as the selection of drugs in health. But keep in mind this does not apply to a person who has experienced a chronic disease, for those of you who have a disease that is already chronically using only stone therapy ring is not enough, immediately also went to doctor before its too late.


Gemstones are the result of crystallization of minerals that are stored in the bowels of the earth. Because crystallized gemstone that looks colorful. The colors formed gemstones generally green, black, or brown like the color of nature. Not only beautiful, precious stones also have an energy force that is very beneficial for a person’s mental and physical health.

God is so dear to His people. Even the rocks just maketh the drug for humans . Just how humans respond and use it according to its function. Fortunately you have a hobby of collecting gemstones. Although not everyone has a hobby like that. Of course, for various reasons. Hobbies are included in the category of expensive. This hobby also was able to bring the health effects of its own.

Human Body Vs Gems human body has a magnetic field in the body. If the magnetic field is uneven, there will be a wide variety of diseases caused by immune system decreases. That’s one reason gemstone properties needed by the human body. Dr. Hisham Hashim, an expert on the rocks of the University Science Malaysia revealed that the stone can be used as treatment of disease. The reason for that is because it has an electromagnetic wave.

With the existence of these waves, the stone can improve the electromagnetic field in the body is disrupted so that the man had been ill can be healthy again. For some people who have a hobby of collecting gemstones, it should start paying closer attention now try pearl rock collection. Of course, this gemstone collection has a variety of colors with a variety of benefits that anyway. Various information about the benefits of precious stones can be found on various media, whether online or in print. If you need more information, then consult or discuss with fellow collectors gemstones can also be done with the maximum.

Basically all gemstones contain electromagnetic pulse that can be used for treatment. Among the gems among others, diamond, sapphire, emerald, agate and pearls, etc., read more on the article names of gemstones, crystals, and the world-famous mineral

Gemstones such as diamond, sapphire, emerald, agate and pearls all have benefits. Naturally, if they’re expensive and more and more people are looking for it. God gives all the benefits of the things on this earth for creatures including humans. Therefore, let us preserve the balance of nature and accompanied by high social care so well preserved nature.


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Recognize characteristics of Multiple Pregnancies following

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Maybe you never expecting twins during pregnancy . However, you will be like getting a shock when antenatal and doctor or midwife who check in saying that you are two of the fetus in the abdomen. Just imagine, there will be two children who are born funny at the same time, it will make parents double happy.

If you are expecting twins, because it has a twin offspring in the family, following signs to reassure you.


Often women feel very strong intuition. You could feel that you may be carrying two fetuses in your body. Some mothers of twins said they knew early in pregnancy that they’re carrying twins.
Experience nausea and morning sicknes more severe than generally. If indeed experiencing twin pregnancy , levels of the hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in urine you might be increased.

Feature Pregnant with twins

Hcg hormone is necessary to maintain the pregnancy until the placenta develops. How to detect this hormone is through urine or blood (when you check for pregnancy through the test pack) even before your periods stop. For singletons, usually hCG concentrations will rise rapidly in the first week, and being double every two or three days. Hcg levels will increase very rapidly in case of multiple pregnancies. And consequently you will experience morning sickness or even all day sickness ) were severe.

The symptoms of pregnancy that others may also be greater. Most women who have been pregnant are pregnant with twins have more intense symptoms, due to the extra hormones circulating through the system. Your breasts may feel more swollen, hungry all the time, more frequent urination and rapid fatigue.

In the second trimester generally have trouble catching your breath, hand and leg swelling (edema), weight increased sharply and abnormal uterine enlargement, and fetal movement is so strong. People experiencing twin pregnancy may also suffer from anemia or iron deficiency.

Weight increased rapidly in the first trimester, and this could be an early indication that you are carrying more than one fetus in the abdomen. We recommend that you implement a good diet to maintain your health . Because your weight gain in the first trimester also affect the baby’s weight later.

The size of your stomach big enough for her pregnancy. At the time of the first examination of the uterus may be notified that you will be getting bigger. This certainly needs to be proven by an ultrasound examination. As the pregnancy progresses, if you do contain two fetuses, the size of the uterus continues to grow consistently follow gestation.

Levels of AFP ( alpha fetoprotein ) increases, it will be known when you check out. AFP levels in the form of a protein released by the baby as it grows found in the mother’s blood, may increase if the baby is more than one,
You will hear two heartbeats during the examination. Two separate heartbeats can be proved up to the age of pregnancy into week 12. At 28 weeks into the pregnancy, it is possible to see two of the fetal head and a few other small parts when doing an ultrasound exam.

Positive results of your ultrasound examination. If indeed you believe that you are pregnant with twins, you should do an ultrasound early in pregnancy.
Those are some characteristics of a twin pregnancy for you to know. If you feel confident pregnant twins, immediately consult a doctor in order to get the right advice. You should also be grateful for the double windfall in the form of twins.

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Benefits of Pomegranate Fruit for Health and Medicine

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Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) fruit is a plant that belongs to the family Punicaceae. This plant comes from the middle east and can grow at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. Pomegranates are often planted in home gardens as an ornamental plant as well as to eat the fruit.

The pomegranate has many benefits for health. The main content of alkaloids pelletierene among other things, granatin, betulic acid, ursolic acid, isoquercitrin, elligatanin, resin, triterpenoids, calcium oxalate, and the starch contained in the skin of pomegranates.


For those who like to consume pomegranate juice, a glass of juice contains citric acid, malic acid, glucose, fructose, maltose, vitamin A , vitamin C , minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, and potassium), and tannins. In addition to fruit, almost all parts of the plant are also useful as a drug. From the start of the roots, seeds, leaves, flowers or bark. And here are some examples of the benefits of pomegranates as a traditional medicine to treat various diseases:

Read here about nutritional value of pomegranate.

Benefits of Pomegranate

PomegranateMeat pomegranate is used for weight loss, treat intestinal worms, canker sores, sore throat, hoarseness, high blood pressure (hypertension), frequent urination and bloating, frequent urination Take the contents of pomegranate (fresh and ripe, the fruit) and a handful chives, then cut into pieces as needed.

Boil three cups water until the remaining half, remove and let cool. Drinking boiled water twice a day, each with three-fourths cup. Sprue Take two pieces of fresh ripe pomegranate. Take the following contents of the seeds, then mash until smooth. Add one cup water, stirring well, then strain. Use water to rinse, then swallow.

Do it 2-3 times a day until healed. Cough longstanding Take a pomegranate that has not overripe. Every night before bed, chew the pomegranate seeds. Discard the seeds. Hoarseness, dry throat Take a fresh pomegranate, cut, and download content. Chew, then seeded. Do it 2-3 times a day. Wormy Combine pomegranate juice with carrot juice, each half a glass. Stir until evenly distributed, and drink as well. Pomegranate juice Use of pomegranate juice to gargle in canker sores, gingivitis, cavities, or as a compress on the drug that is being inflamed hemorrhoids.

Skin Benefits of Pomegranate

Leather pieces (shi flu pi) is used to treat abdominal pain due to worms, bowel movements containing blood and mucus (dysentery amoeba), chronic diarrhea, bleeding, such as bleeding hemorrhoids, vomiting blood, coughing up blood, uterine bleeding, rectal bleeding, rectal prolapse, strep throat, ear infections, vaginal discharge (leukorrhea), and abdominal pain. Wormy Boil dried pomegranate skin and betel nut powder (each 15 g) with three cups water. Simmer for one hour. Once cool, strain and drink well before breakfast.

Benefits of Pomegranate Root

The roots and bark are used to treat intestinal worms especially tapeworms (taeniasis), cough, diarrhea. Example usage: Wormy Wash roots dried pomegranate (7 g.), Then cut into pieces as needed. Boil one cup of water for 15 minutes. Once cool, strain and drink the water at once. Whitish Boil dried pomegranate skin (30 g) and dried bitter herbs (15 g) with one liter of clean water. Let the water boiled up the remaining half. Once cool, strain for the clan to three times the drink, morning, noon, and night. Cooking water also can be used for vaginal washing. Lodging married woman, use with spray equipment that goes into the vagina.

Benefits of Pomegranate Tree Flowers

Flowers are used for the treatment of gingivitis, bleeding, bronchitis. Luka Combine powdered pomegranate rind or floral taste with sesame oil. Toss well, then apply on the wound. Bleeding Boil pomegranate flowers (20 g) with three cups water until the remaining half. Drinking boiled water twice a day, each with three-fourths cup. Gingivitis Wash pomegranate flowers (florets seven) with clean water, then boiled with a glass of water to a boil. Once cool, strain and use to rinse your mouth.

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How to Satisfy Husband in Bed Until Addiction

How to Satisfy Husband Time Intimate In Bed. Husband can satisfy his wife, and vice versa wife also could satisfy her husband. While it is relatively easy to create a contented husband during sex, but there are certain things that are very in love most men and made ​​it very satisfied.

How to Satisfy Husband in Bed Until Satisfied

How to Satisfy Couple In Bed indeed need to be in the know by married couples for the sake of pleasure, and harmonious marriage. If during this time you may still embarrassed, because it has legally become husband and wife, it never hurts to show your greatness during lovemaking. Find out what is the most preferred by your husband when making out in bed.

How to Satisfy Husband in Bed Until Satisfied

Excellent Wife Husband In Bed?

How to Keep your Man Happy and How to Satisfy Husband In Bed

You can tease your husband to arouse passion, then began to touch on Sensitive Body Parts Men Who easily aroused For more information on how to satisfy her husband in bed refer to the following:

1. How to Satisfy Husband – Superb in bed
Most women apply passive and shy despite having sex with her own husband. How to order the husband still ‘addicted’ is to show your ability that you can also be great in bed. Therefore, there is no harm in trying new things and learn how you can be a partner who can satisfy suami.Bukan unlikely that your husband also find out how How To Satisfy Wife At Sex In Bed.

2. How to Satisfy Husband – Games Oral Sex
Indeed, not all women want to perform oral sex on him. But, almost all men really like this game. If you want to perform oral sex to couples, the husband would have been very satisfied and getting ‘hooked’ on you.

3. How to Satisfy Husband Do not lie
If you’ve got the desire in the game in bed, trying to say honestly to my dear husband. Making love is to achieve pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction of both. If you and your partner can satisfy each other equally, such is certainly very nice and can improve the quality of your sex life and partner.

4. How to Satisfy Husband >> Not Reject Call-husband
One of the reasons most often found on the husband’s dissatisfaction in bed is their rejection of the woman. This is a source of disaster for a family. All men in this world are very easily aroused by visual sexual stimulation. Therefore, it will often once at night before going to bed the husband wants to get sexual satisfaction from his wife. Usually the wife suffered fatigue due to the activities that have been done from morning till night.

But if indeed the wife wants to satisfy the husband, this is a way to satisfy the husband telling enough. Although in a weakened state, the wife could serve her husband to engage in sexual activity. It is fairly easy to do, because in a sexual relationship, the women are more passive in such activity. All you need do is to accept the invitation husband and enjoy the game by it.

5. How to Satisfy >> Not Denouncing Husband Husband
Not denounce the husband is one way to satisfy the husband on the bed. Usually the man will get tremendous fatigue after an exhausting daily activities as head of the family. This usually makes him less confident in experiencing sexual needs of his wife.

When husbands experiencing the peak of sexual satisfaction in a relatively short time, usually the wife will reproach her ​​husband with ridicule or joke. Although the intention of the ribbing is a joke, sometimes it makes the husband was sick at heart and felt very insecure. Therefore, keep in mind that a mockery of the husband must be stopped. Instead, women must commend her husband and respect him because after the exhausting daily activities, the husband can still serve his wife and to show his love to his wife .

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